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Using SQL Spatial to find waypoints close to a route

I’m going away on another cycling adventure soon, riding north through France and Germany before a short stint in both The Netherlands and Belgium. No opportunity for a long trip this time so the ride is just over 500 miles … Continue reading

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Change photo file date based on EXIF data

I want to transfer some of my favourite photos from last year’s bike tour to my Android tablet. All my pictures are stored in Aperture on my Mac and although it’s a great piece of software it has a very … Continue reading

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PowerShell try/catch Strangeness and Terminating Errors

For my sins I have been (and to some extents still am) a C# developer. Compared with scripting there is a lot I like about writing applications in fully fledged high-level languages, especially when it comes to flow control. Not … Continue reading

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PowerShell Snippets

This week I’ve been watching the recent Microsoft Virtual Academy on Advanced Desired State Configuration and Custom Resources. It’s interesting to see what Microsoft are doing in this space given the competition has been around for years. DSC is in … Continue reading

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Configuring SQL Server to use Managed Service Accounts (in PowerShell)

When building out a new SQL Server environment, one consideration is the service account used to run SQL services. In SQL 2014 there are five options to choose from: Local Account Built-in Account – The Local Service, Network Service or … Continue reading

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Using Automation to shut down Azure VMs

Azure is great. For a test lab environment, why bother messing with virtual machines on your laptop when you can run them in the cloud instead? But, as anyone who has made this mistake will know, forgetting to shut down … Continue reading

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